founder Noura sabha - speech therapist

Noura Sabha - Founder of Kalimat

Speech-Language Therapist

Entrepreneur, mother of three, an internationally licensed speech and language specialist from the Canadian Hanin Society in her program (More Than Words)(It takes Two To Talk)

And on the ADOS-2 certificate for autism assessment

She has 16 years of experience in speech and language therapy. She is the founder of Kalimat Company, and is the first Jordanian company concerned with the design and sale of educational and therapeutic means of pronunciation and communication in Arabic to increase communication and stimulate speech for adults and children.

Her project received the Educational Innovation Award from the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation 2018.

Holder of the Shield of Excellence from the University of Jordan in 2022.

Noura sanctifies the concept of the family and harnesses its time to achieve its passion in designing therapeutic educational means in Arabic to enhance the language and communication for children and adults who are late in language and communication because she believes that it is the right of every child to learn to acquire communication skills and language and there are all possible ways to achieve this.

Kalimat Milestones