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Adjectives and Opposites Educational Flashcards for Kids (age 2+) – Downloadable PDF

Adjectives and Opposites Educational Flashcards for Kids (age 2+) – Downloadable PDF

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Discover fun ways to enrich your child’s speech and language by learning words with our special flash cards educational set for children.

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What will I get:

The adjectives and their opposites set provides you with 40 flashcards with a very clear real pictures showing opposite words. It's like a hands-on vocab adventure! These pictures are real things, so your child can touch and really understand each word. Let's mix learning and play for a fantastic time with this amazing set!

What will my child learn:

Description is one of the basic skills that the child must learn to be able to build better linguistic content. The adjectives and opposites set consists of real images, it helps the child better understand the attributes as they can touch these characteristics in the world around them. Add learning to your child playtime, but in an entertaining and unique way with this set! Your children will learn to express what is around them using precise attributes with the ability to distinguish and reverse them.

How to use:

You can use a headband to put the flash cards on your head and let the child describe the picture without saying the words. Children can take turns and enjoy their time while expanding their language. Turn learning into a cool journey for your little explorer with this
awesome set!

Tip: It is recommended to print the product on sturdy paper and use thermal binding to protect the cards for an extended period. If you don't have thermal binding, regular binding can also be used. pdf file will be downloaded after your payment.


This product can be used by:
-Speech and language therapists
-Occupational therapists
-Behavioral therapists
-Play therapists
It is suitable for children aged two years and more.

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