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Our Language Flashcards Educational Board Game for children 3+ years

Our Language Flashcards Educational Board Game for children 3+ years

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If you want to enhance your child's language skills, this educational game box is exactly what you're looking for! This box contains a variety of engaging interactive games, featuring 160 real images from different categories to help children develop their speech skills through play and fun. 

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What will I get:

The box components are:
-A rectangular cardboard board representing a path with a start and finish.
-160 illustrated cards distributed across 8 groups, with each group colored in a specific color.
-A list of words for each group, where each group contains 20 cards (words) of a specific color.
-8 plastic circular pieces representing family members (grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son, daughter, baby boy, baby girl).
-A dice.
-Two circular spinners divided into 8 sections/colors, accompanied by a directional arrow.

What will my child learn:

This Arabic and English content box serves as a reference for mothers, teachers, specialists to assess their child's language level and as a tool to help them develop comprehension, expression, and sentence structure skills in the child. Now you can enrich your child's language skills and provide them with enjoyable, entertaining, and useful playtime with this educational box!

This educational game board develops description skills, and increases the linguistic content by naming the first 160 basic words in his environment. carefully designed by speech therapist and selected real cards from the child's environment and from his Arabic language. It also develops the skill of listening, attention and concentration, learning to count, and learning basic colors. All by playing, having fun and having a great time with the whole family.

How to use:

Our Language, Our Game is an interactive group board game where the child chooses a character to play with (grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, young son, young daughter, baby boy, baby girl). The child then spins the spinner to select a color from one of the eight groups. After that, the child answers the question and describe the response. Next, the child rolls the dice and move the chosen character on the board until winning the game.


It can be used by:
- parents
- teachers
- child specialists.
for children who are two and half and more.

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