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Positive Behavior Reinforcement Table for Kids - Printable Daily Routine Flashcards (PDF)

Positive Behavior Reinforcement Table for Kids - Printable Daily Routine Flashcards (PDF)

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The Positive Behavior Enhancement Table is a valuable tool from (KALIMAT SHOP) to promote positive behaviors systematically and effectively, and  it is considered one of the tools to modify unwanted behavior in children by promoting positive behavior and avoiding punishment. Children can now be encouraged, reinforced, and motivated by following this table that they like.

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    What will I get:

    The product contains 3 panels, the first is to identify and teach the child desirable and undesirable behaviors, secondly the second board The child chooses one behavior among the images of 40 behaviors and the child cuts it and paste it in the second board for daily tracking with parents to track the child's desired behaviors day after day. The third board is used with the second board, which is to choose the reward and determine it with the child to be a reward for him whenever he passes a desired behavior during his daily routine.

    What will my child learn:

    This chart contributes to building a fun daily routine for the child, which enhances the achievement of his daily tasks with love and creativity. In addition, the schedule provides various incentives that contribute to the promotion of positive behaviors and work to instill values and principles in children. The schedule also serves to stimulate commitment and continue to achieve desired goals.

    How to use:

    Identify desired positive behaviors and goals that you want to promote in your child, and then determine the appropriate rewards for each goal. Rewards can be games, extra time to play, or any kind of favorite stimuli the child has.

    Tip: It is recommended to print the product on A3 durable paper and use thermal binding to protect the cards for a long time. If you do not have thermal bonding, then ordinary binding can also be used.

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