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Questions and Answer Flashcards Box - Digital PDF Cards for Kids 2.5+ years

Questions and Answer Flashcards Box - Digital PDF Cards for Kids 2.5+ years

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How about making time to play with your child and training him on how to ask and how to answer questions? Not all this, but your child will learn to form vocabulary and sentences and will develop his vocabulary later! You will find all these in the Q&A box of words!

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What will I get:

A set of educational flash cards for children contains more than 140 visual flash cards for children, divided into 5 groups that include the following categories of questions (when, how, what, why and where), and each group has 30 question and answer cards, and each set contains 15 questions and answers in Arabic and English.

What will my child learn:

Flash cards (questions and answers) (digital version, instant download from the box of educational question and answer cards real cards) develop the skill of asking and answering questions in children in a more fun way than before, and it is also an ideal tool to teach life skills necessary for children such as: problem solving, critical thinking, listening skills and image description Which increases the language outcome of your child and also treats the language delay of children who are late in language acquisition. These educational flash cards help children to form sentences, ask and answer questions, which works to enrich the language and vocabulary of the child and develops language and communication skills.

You can start using any set of cards based on the age of the child and it is recommended to start with the child by teaching the cards of the question group where? And who? Question. You can then move to a higher level and use the question cards how? and why? And then the higher level, which is the question cards, when?
Different games can be used with flash cards to increase the fun in the education process. The mother can use these educational cards with the child at home, the teacher in the classroom or the speech therapist in the therapy session to improve language and effective communication in children. Playtime has never been so useful and entertaining!

How to use:

Activity idea! We can use the game (fisherman) from a group of word games with these flash cards so that the child catches the question and we start with the question and all he has to do is answer by choosing the appropriate flash card for the answer and then the roles are exchanged with the parents to choose the next card for the question.

Tip: It is recommended to print the product on durable paper and use thermal binding to protect the cards for a long time. If you don't have a thermal binding machine, don't worry you can also use ordinary binding.

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Pediatric specialists (speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and behavioral therapists).
For children aged two and a half years and older.

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