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Questions and Answer Flashcards Box to Enhance Language Delay for Kids 2.5+ years

Questions and Answer Flashcards Box to Enhance Language Delay for Kids 2.5+ years

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Transform Playtime into Learning Adventure! Are you ready to take playtime to a whole new level? Dive into the Questions and Answers Educational Flash Cards

Video of the Product:

What will I get:

The Question and Answers flash cards develops the skill of asking and answering questions in children in a more fun way than before! With more than 140 visual flash cards, divided into 5 groups that include the following categories of questions (when, how, what, why, where), and each group has 30 question and answer cards.

What will my child learn:

This magical box promises endless fun while supercharging your child's language and vocabulary skills.
Your child will learn the following skills;
-Engaging Learning: Turn questions into a quest! Explore Where, When, How, why, and Who through 15 exciting questions in each set.
-Vocabulary Boost: Watch your child's vocabulary flourish as they construct sentences, ask questions, and nail those answers!
-Family Bonding: Playtime becomes a shared adventure, fostering quality family moments.
-Product Highlights: Fun & Educational: Unleash your child's curiosity with an interactive learning experience.

How to use:

You can integrate the "Fishing Game" with these flashcards, where the child catches the question and answers it to increase interactive fun, develop linguistic skills, enrich them, and maintain the excitement and interaction of children during the educational process. Additionally, a child can take on the role of the specialist, posing questions and engaging in role-playing.


It can be used by
-Child Specialists (speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, behavioral therapists)
For children who are two and half years and above.

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